Welcome to North America’s portal for International Interns’ Day 2017.

Enough! Stop the exploitation of interns!

The growth of global economy is dependent upon millions of students, whose professional education requires them to fulfill hundreds of hours of unpaid labor in order to obtain a diploma. That labor is just as demanding as the work accomplished by any professional. As a matter of fact, finding an internship often means just as much competition as finding an actual job, not to mention the fact that employers often look for interns that are just as qualified as actual employees.

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As of 10AM on March 8, 2019, seventy-three organizations from Mexico, the United States and Canada have signed the “Enough! Stop the exploitation of interns!” declaration.

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Unpaid Internships

Most of us have taken – or know someone who has taken an internship for course credit. That’s because internships hit a real boom after the 2008 economic crash, suggesting that they’re one more way to privatize learning. Unpaid internships, specifically, download the pressure of getting a good education onto the individual while taking that pressure off of the government and the employer.

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Remuneration for all internships won’t come out of nowhere: we will have to wrestle it from deplorable bosses and the politicians that let them exploit us. We would like to help create regional coalitions throughout North America in order to campaign effectively towards this end.

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